1. My recent work for All New Honda Jazz 2014, new hatchback from Honda Indonesia.  

    Client : HPM

    DI Artist : Muh. Iqbal

    Copyright SetyoAdiNugroho 2014

  2. My Alternate Story turned 3 today!

    To my alternate story, wishing you could accompany me to be a better photographer in the future. 

  3. My work for Toyota Indonesia for their new product, All New Toyota Yaris on advertorial page in Autocar Indonesia Magazine. Great experience with the LED car, awesome!

    DI Artist by Mohammad Iqbal. 

    Copyright SetyoAdiNugroho2014

  4. It’s a great privilege when Autocar India gave me an opportunity to shoot Honda mObilio for their cover. 

  5. BMW RnineT. Beautiful bike. I wish i could buy it, argggghhhh!

    Copyright SetyoAdiNugroho2014


  6. Just a great song….

  7. Not everyday i can see this car. One of the most amazing Lamborghini car. Copyright SetyoAdiNugroho2014


  8. rainsonnet:

    Vocal + Bass
    Just me & Rsteven on the Bass, singing “Open” by Rhye…


  9. rainsonnet:

    Rhye - Open (Cover) by Monita Tahalea & Rsteven by Monita Tahalea

    Lovely song from my favorite singer.

  10. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. My shot for AC Magazine.

    Copyright SetyoAdiNugroho2013